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I provide
following services


I build native apps for iOS and Android operating systems using platform-specific programming languages like Swift, React Native, Flutter.


CRM and ERP systems handle contacts, companies, quotes, orders and forecasts…


I create responsive web applications and sites leveraging the most robust technologies in the industry to help you boost your business

Custom Software

Efficient solutions to fit your business domain and budget requirements. I provide custom development for businesses, MVPs to verify your startup ideas and launch your product earlier, and development teams to support or enhance existing products.


Stop worrying about technology problems. Focus on your business.
Let me provide the support you deserve.

Personal Blog

Personal blog website developed for Asif Ibrahimov
Used technologies: .Net Core, Html, Css, Jquery, Javascript.
Development time: 54 Days.
Result: Another happy customer :)

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Charity Organization

Events and blog website developed for charity organization named "Üçüncü Bahar"
Used technologies: .Net, Html, Css, Jquery, Javascript.
Development time: 78 Days.
Result: Another happy customer :)

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What my partners say

     Rashad is a very hardworking person. This is manifested from the first task that you assign to him. During joint projects, each time Rashad surprised us with his knowledge and hard work. Always complementing projects with their innovations that have benefited customers..
Asif Ibrahimov
Several startup owner
     " Üçüncü Bahar " public union team is delighted to be able to provide a reference for Rashad Yusifli who has been developing our web site teqaudchu.az He is well known for his intelligence, work ethic, positive attitude, teamwork mentality, leadership and diligence..
Narmin Ganiyeva
Co-founder, chairman of "Uçüncü Bahar" Public Union


The life story that i already passed.


When i grew older i trade my small codes to bachelor degree in Computer Science .

Aug 30


I countinued my education for master degree.

June 26

“ Üçüncü Bahar ”

My first professional project as freelancer. When i work this project i learnt lots of new things. But the best thing that i get at that time was trust.

Mar 18

BestComp Group LLC

The first professional company that believed and hired me, that was booster for my career as developer.

Aug 30

Asif İbrahimov's Blog

The second project that i worked as freelancer. And the thing that i get from this project is a good friendship

Dec 3